Pineapple Punch Strains

Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary in Ashburn.

S no. Title Rating
1 La Nube 4.00
2 Emerald Gilbert 4.41
3 Natural RX - Rio Rancho 3.25
4 Positive Vibrations 4.66
5 Karmaceuticals 4.57
6 Mari Mart 4.90
7 Have a Heart - Skyway 4.86
8 Fillabong 2 - Bremerton 4.90
9 Curaleaf - Fort Pierce Delivery 3.33
10 Emerald City Wellness 4.08

Pineapple Punch by Flying Dutchmen is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain that unites Skunk #1 genetics with those of the Hawaiian indica Real McCoy. As suggested by the name, Pineapple Punch delivers a medley of pineapple, tropical citrus, and sweet floral flavors, while the uplifting, lighthearted effects provide a vacation from stress and bad moods. This sativa’s mellow and functional effects make it a great choice for getting out to social gatherings or appreciating nature.


Alternate Name :
Grow Difficulty :
Days To Flower : 67
Average Yield:
Average Height:



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